Smart contracts and blockchain
Gambling game based on a smart contract with a specific drawing period. Three game cases with different cost and size of the final prize.
This game is similar to a slot machine but implemented on a block chain technology. Players buy tickets (a maximum of 10 tickets are drawn, the participation fee is 10%), a drawing is held every 15 minutes, the winner gets a prize which makes the sum of all bets deducted by the sum of the service commission. The more tickets a player has, the higher the chance to win. A feature of an online game implemented on a smart contract is a zero chance to garble with the results and transparency of the findings. The task of a random choice of a win ticket is implemented through the Oracle algorithm (that solves the task of updating the performance conditions) Users can view statistics on cases (games with a bank at 1ETH, 2ETH, 3ETH), TOP players and drawing history. To buy tickets and draw the prize, a user must have a registered metamask that is a cryptocurrency wallet embedded in the Google Chrome browser.
This case is interesting due to specific performance features with smart contracts. It comes about transparency of results, players anonymity, high degree of data protection and the instant withdrawal of winnings to a crypto wallet.
1x10: Tickets (Cases) on ETH Smart Contract