To develop a mobile app for displaying Ford motor vehicle in augmented reality (AR) mode.
The project implementation was based on providing the user with the option to “look” at a motor vehicle right here and right now. The app has a built-in analysis of the surface where AR will place the Ford model. There is an option to change the color of the car, open doors and trunk, turn on the headlights and see a compartment. A photo with a car can be saved to a phone gallery. The beta-version for Android is available on our website: download (install the file, agree with warnings)
This application allows to carry out the so-called virtual visual test drive of a car, regardless of where a user is. Application of augmented reality provides a client an experience that is not available in everyday life. It is a powerful tool to expand coverage and brand awareness. It involves potential customers into interaction with the product and opens up new ways to deliver values.
Augmented Reality Mobile App for Ford