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Today, the number of gamers in the world is more than 2.5 billion people. Of course, they are not professional gamers, but in general, they use games as entertainment. 95% of them have free time and are not averse to earning by playing. Statistics on the choice of mobile games by users will also be interesting. Most of all, people like games in which they do things that are difficult to implement in life. How successful do you think a game can be if people are paid to play it? Add to all this a colorful and intuitive interface, the ability to battle with your friends and you will get an incredible experience-the ownership of a virtual planet that can bring benefits! How to make money playing games? Online games where players have the opportunity to earn money are not too different from games without such an opportunity.
Battle of Planets is a multiplayer, decentralized, NFT, skill-dependent, card game, play and earn. With a developed internal economy and the ability to sell NFT cards on your own and external platforms. Battle of Planets - PvP tournament battle on a planetary basis. The genre of space card strategies in a fusion with the genre of mass online games, tournament battles, skill dependent, play to earn, DEFI, NFT, crafting. Play to earn money. We create unique opportunities where you always come first! Upgrade your cards, get coveted copies for your deck, or sell them to other players. Sell resources for EDM, exchange EDM for real money. Sell rare items obtained in battle to other players. Discounts are available for in-game item purchases in the store when using EDM. A game monetization model that provides additional content in the form of shop items and a commission on each transaction.
The game was developed on the basis of the Unity engine, using the DOT and ENJ blockchain technology. Now DOT is experiencing rapid development and plans to become the largest ecosystem that combines everything that is in the cryptocurrency sphere. Windows, Web, Android, and iOS platforms are available.
Battle of Planets - NFT crosschain gaming