Sites and Web Portals
To create an online design tool for Apple smartphones and tablets cases.
The ability to select a device (the database contains all the devices that are currently on sale, new models are added upon receiving case samples). The customer's client can choose the color, the inscription (write his own), and its location. The advantage is the ability to upload any image to the design tool (the image requirements are specified in the corresponding block) Delivery, Warranty, and Contacts blocks are displayed. The client can also share the result in social networks.
An attractive widget that allows a client to visually evaluate the future product and the idea, in other words, "to kick around". The client's order is sent to the customer's email address. It can be sent directly to the shopping cart and direct the customer to the payment form. Such a design tool is 90% more preferable for customers than a feedback form. This project can be implemented as a separate widget for social networks (E.g., Vkontakte). In this case, a client doesn't need a website.
Garde: Online iPhone and iPad Leather Cases Design Tool