To create a mobile game based on the already developed team project of online Baccarat card game.
The customer requested to develop a referral system, thus we added deep links to the project (this is a “deep link” that allows you to go directly to a specific page of the application). As a result, when following a deep link (which is the partner link), the casino is loaded from Facebook. In the casino inside the application you can play for real money. The project was created on the basis of the web version of the online casino: the Baccarat card game on the Tron (TRX) smart contract (see the section Smart contracts and blockchain).
Success of the first web version of the Baccarat card game, as well as users’ requests for mobile application defined further steps of the customer and team. The project is based on the needs of potential players and allows the customer to develop a referral system, hereby increasing their profits.
Baccarat: Mobile Card Game