Smart contracts and blockchain
To create a slot game on a smart contract.
A simple form of gambling based on the system: “The last one make a bank”. A player chooses a bet size and waits for the period termination (timer is running). If his/her bet was the last one, and no one else credited money to the bank, he/she wins. Since the project operates on a smart contract, this guarantees transparency of the winnings. Both developers and owners of the product cannot change the code or make corrections to the game system, as well as to affect somehow the timing or withdrawal of the winnings. History of winners and history of incomings is shown. There is a section with FAQs answers where technology principles are explained in a simple way. There is a referral link system and bonuses for attracting friends to the game.
On the one hand, the project is a common type of gambling business, on the other, it solves tasks of options transparency and generation schemes due to smart contract technology.
Piggy Bank: ETH and EOS Smart Contract Game