Create a competitive application to cover the partnership between the Ukrainian bank Oschadbank and the company for the sale of cat food “Meow”.
A contest was developed based on the Facebook community. The selected mechanics matched the preferences of the target audience. It was decided to choose a positive image of “seals” for users, adding patriotism in the form of attributes in the color scheme of the Ukrainian flag. Participants had to join the community, like (increasing the virality of the competition). Next, a competitive photo of his pet was added, a form indicating e-mail was filled out (which allowed collecting data for subsequent interaction with users). Other community members could vote for their favorite photo. Users who participate in the contest sent a post with their participation to relatives and friends asking for a vote. This increased their chances of winning and provided additional coverage for the customer.
The revitalization of the community on Facebook, the coverage of sponsor brands. The competition received many reposts, increasing coverage not only among pet owners, but also among their friends. The collection of participants' data allowed further interaction with the participants by e-mail with subsequent promotions from partners.
Facebook app. Cats-patriots