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Create a promise motivation application.
This product allows you to make promises to yourself, friends and even communities and publics. The application has a simple and understandable form for a promise, you can see your persuasion, or what friends promised you in the same application. There is a function of public promises. For those who have not fulfilled a promise, a board of shame is provided. For reminder, there is a widget with a calendar and timing. A counter of fulfilled promises is tied up, which shows other users how much a person is motivated and can be relied on. You can share your promise with friends on your page. There is also a function: find a promise. Helps with additional motivation based on a sense of community. Together, the word is easier to keep. The advantage in this case is the support of people who go to the same goal (for example, run 5 km at a time).
It has long been scientifically proven the fact of increased effectiveness, if the promise is given publicly. Promise in social networks is an excellent product just for a user who lacks the fortitude to fulfill his word given to himself.
Facebook app. Promise