Sites and Web Portals
The customer is a manufacturer of a drug for nicotine addiction treatment. The task was to create a client-branded website, and enable users to share their success or motivational advice on giving up smoking with their friends. Integration with social networks Facebook, Vkontakte and My World is also a must.
It was decided to create two personal accounts, for smokers and non-smokers, in order to reach different target audiences. The ability to sign up through social network account allows to choose friends to whom you send a motivational message. The message visual part is formed according to the site theme, and the customer's brand is added. Motivational postcards with a bit of humor are also formed. Integration of messages and postcards is possible in Facebook, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki and via email.
A worthy solution to increase product awareness and coverage. Involvement has increased due to the fact that users wanted to share their achievements in the fight against nicotine. Non-smoking users sought to motivate their relatives and friends to fight addiction.
Brizantin. It's Easier to Quit than to Smoke.