Smart contracts and blockchain
To write up a smart contract on the Ethereum for investment and transparent income.
Blockchain technologies made it possible to create computer algorithms designed to generate, control and present data about possession of something. Considering the basic principle of work, the Goldapp team has created an investment project that allows an investor to earn interest on the deposited sum. At the same time, an absolutely transparent system of profitability has been implemented, which is spelled out in the code and can be viewed by anyone else. No one can make a change to the code, even the owner. This project is an example of a competent distribution of incoming funds: 85% - to investors, 14% - to marketing and project promotion, and 1% - to developers. An investment smart contract has the only function - distribution of the received funds, no one can affect this function and its algorithms.
As a result, we successfully developed algorithm of investment smart contract in terms of all the customer’s needs.
Smart Investments: Investment ETH Smart Contract