Social Media Apps
Write an app for fitness club groups.
After analyzing and questioning the target audience, the customer revealed a large number of comments about the inconvenience of recording. Clients are active users of social networks and members of the community of the fitness center on VK and Facebook. It was decided to create a widget in which all the information on the training schedule is visible. Developed the ability to sign up for any workout on your own through the application. You can filter the schedule by direction, trainer and occupation. The application is embedded on any site, does not require special knowledge. It is also possible to indicate important events and promotions. You can unload the schedule and send it to print. A personal training studio is registered on a separate tab, where all the club’s full-time trainers are listed and their employment is indicated.
The application has collected positive reviews from club customers. When questioning new customers, it was revealed that the presence of such a widget on the site played in favor of choosing this particular club.
Fitness club schedule widget. Applications for VKontakte and Facebook